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Work site of the new MERCEDES BENZ headquarters

Address: croisement Avenue Newton et Avenue Franklin - 78180 MONTIGNY LE BRETONNEUX
Building: 7 floors
Work: installation of aluminium joinery
User company: Ouest Alu
Equipment rented to: LAHO TEC Bobigny

On this work site, the Ouest Alu company hires from the LAHO TEC Bobigny agency, 11 FIXEO masts and 8 motorised suspended scaffold platforms.
The FIXEO suspended platforms on masts are used here for installing aluminium joinery.

Special feature of the work site: offset angles.

Building refurbishment with motorised platform on masts FIXEO in Angers, France

For building refurbishment, suspended platforms on masts bring numerous advantages:
> working comfort
> quick and safe access to frontage
> modularity: from 2 to 12 meters long

FIXEO® platforms work can be completed with FIXATOR motorisation (e.lift® 500, e.lift® 600 or e.lift® 800) as well as rival motorisations such as: TRACTEL® , POWERCLIMBER®, SKYCLIMBER ® and BISOH ®.

FIXEO is a FIXATOR exclusive patented system.

Fixator Asia present at the huge Three Gorges dam in China

The hydroelectric site management company of the Three Gorges (Yichang, China), has recently placed an order with Fixator Asia for a motorised suspended platform.
This custom-made suspended platform is equipped with a roof, sliding doors and an electrical cable tray. Fixator Asia carried out the entire installation of the project, from the delivery of the equipment to the training of the personnel. The maintenance technicians use the motorised scaffold to safely reach the bottom of the sluices (40m depth).
The suspended scaffold consists of e.lift ® 800 electrical hoists, flanged for an adjustment of the overload, and with 2 Securistop fall-prevention systems. The plate has a capacity of 600 kg (6 persons), and requires 2000 kg of counterweights. Its total height is 2.5 meters, with a width of 3 meters and a total weight of approximately 500 kg. This removable motorised platform is used alternately on two dam sluices for a duration of 75 days without interruption.

Associated products

FIXATOR suspended platforms and electric hoists for the Cité de la Culture work site at Tunis

The FIXATOR electric hoists and platforms were used for the last part of the construction of the Cité de la Culture at Tunis.

The Modulaho platforms, and the C-stirrups combined with the e.lift ® 800 hoists, have fulfilled the working constraints of this 60-metre high tower, situated on the Mohamed V esplanade, at Tunis.

Associated products

Suspension beam with height adjustment

To meet safety requirements for this worksite, the Fixapoutre 5S suspension beam has been fitted with a 1m height adjuster at the front and rear.
This option makes it possible to manoeuvre over obstacles on building roofs and terracing.

Associated products

FIXEO ® work site in Paris

Numerous FIXEO® work sites are springing up in Paris.

We find here FIXEO® work sites with FIXATOR motorisation (e.lift® 500 and e.lift® 800) as well as FIXEO ® work sites completed by rival motorisations such as: TRACTEL® , POWERCLIMBER®, SKYCLIMBER ® and BISOH ®.

The building companies that were already equipped with ALTREX®, Tangor ® and ALTA L® suspended scaffolds have been captivated by the possibilities offered by the exclusive FIXEO® system.

Associated products

Suspension beams with cross carriage.

For facade cleaning and maintenance of buildings in the Abreuvoir district of Bobigny, Seine-Saint-Denis, France, suspension beams have been equipped with cross carriages. This system enables the suspended platform to manoeuvre round the balconies.

Associated products

Custom-made temporary suspended platform

For façade work of this building, FIXATOR has designed a motorised custom-made temporary platform.
The temporary suspended platform consists of several modular components, which can adapt perfectly to the architecture of this façade. Combined with C-stirrups and electric personnel lifting hoists, the suspended scaffold components meet the requirements of the EN 1808 standard.

Associated products

MODULECO platform and adjustable angle in Spain

The MODULECO ® suspended scaffold, combined with an adjustable angle section and C—stirrups enable to perfectly adapt the shape of the suspended platform to the building’s architecture. In this way the bypass of balconies and access to corners of the building become easy.

Associated products

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