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Aluminium C-stirrup

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Temporary suspended platforms

Aluminium C-stirrup Aluminium C-stirrup Aluminium C-stirrup Aluminium C-stirrup Aluminium C-stirrup
Aluminium C-stirrup

NEW: Aluminium C-stirrup 500-600-800

For suspended scaffolds and temporary suspended platforms, FIXATOR proposes an Aluminium C-stirrup. This new product is compatible with the e.lift 500, e.lift 800 and Euroliftho hoists.

  • LIGHT: 41 kg
  • QUICK: Only one 19mm spanner is required for the assembly
  • EASY: A connector is built-in for the electrical connection of the top end of stroke.

  • Advantages

    • Light and easily transportable : Weighing 41 kg, the Aluminium C-stirrup is easily transportable. It has a foldable leg that reduces its overall dimensions to the maximum.
    • Quick installation : Its design reduces the installation and dismantling time. Only one 19mm spanner is required for its assembly
    • Easy to install :The Aluminium C-stirrup has a connector that enables to directly link the "top end of stroke" to the hoist. Saves time and provides optimum safety.

    Technical Characteristics

    • Weight: 41 Kg
    • Foldable
    • Aluminium design

    Associated products

    MODULAHO suspended platform
    MODULECO suspended platforms
    C-stirrups for modular suspended platform
    Adjustable angle section for temporary suspended platform

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