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MODULECO suspended platforms

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Temporary suspended platforms

motorized temporary suspended platform MODULECO « (3 meters)
MODULECO suspended platforms MODULECO suspended platforms MODULECO suspended platforms MODULECO suspended platforms MODULECO suspended platforms
MODULECO suspended platforms

The suspended platform MODULECO can be motorised (with electric or pneumatic personnel lifting hoists) or can be operated using manual hoists. The MODULECO temporary suspended platform is specially designed for fašade work and work at large heights.

The MODULECOsuspended scaffold is extremely modular: it consists of components of 2 and 3 metres in length that enable an assembly of 2 to 12 metres. Combined with C-stirrups, the MODULECO temporary suspended platform can measure up to 16 metres.

The MODULECO suspended platform is compatible with the e.lift 350, e.lift 500 and, e.lift 600, e.lift 800 electric hoists, as well as with the m.lift 400 manual hoist with handle.


  • easy installation and dismantling: smaller number of components
  • great modularity: components enabling to assemble a platform of 2 to 16 metres in length
  • maximum compatibility: with manual hoists, electric hoists, pneumatic hoists
  • compatible with MODULECO « suspended scaffold components
  • quick and simple assembly with bolted pins or clips
  • compatible with the FIXEO « system
  • wide range of accessories
  • compatible with adjustable angle section

Technical Characteristics

  • components of 2 to 3 metres in length
  • aluminium design and non-skid floor (0.70 width or 1.05 on request)
  • EN 1808 compliance

Associated products

e.lift « 800 electric hoist
FIXEO «: suspended platform on mast (fašade attachment)
MODULAHO suspended platform
e.lift « 350 electric hoist
C-stirrups for modular suspended platform
Pneumatic hoist p.lift « 500
e.lift 500 electric hoist


  • construction, renovation, refacing
  • exterior insulation, fašade masonry-work, high pressure cleaning
  • waterproofing, painting
  • installing windows on blocks and buildings of large height.

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