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The FIXATOR Company celebrates its 90th anniversary

The lifting solutions specialist:
FIXATOR’s origin dates back to the beginning of the century when the company was known as “Ets JEANPIERRE”. It was a small workshop in Paris working for the aviation industry, which was the very beginning. This establishment manufactured several components including remote controls for aircraft, in particular. These used a completely original braking system developed by the engineering and design department at the time, which became the patented FIXATOR braking system. This system was then used in manufacturing hoists for candelabra After the First World War, Mr. JEANPIERRE sold his business. It was then christened “Ets FIXATOR – O. Guillemin et Cie”. The activity from 1920 to 1934 was mainly concentrated on aviation components

In 1934, the first suspended scaffold hoist was developed, this was the beginning of a change in the market that was accelerated by the Second World War. In 1939, the Factory, which was still in Paris, had to relocate to province. It was opened at Angers with its premises at rue Barra. It was not until 1946 that the manufacture of personnel lifting hoists became widespread due to reconstruction work. In 1965, the company again changed dimension by producing its first motorised hoists. Owned since its inception by family interests, FIXATOR became the subsidiary of L.A.H.O. in the C.F.A.O. group before becoming the subsidiary of PINAULT EQUIPEMENT during the buyout of C.F.A.O. by the Pinault Printemps La Redoute (P.P.R.) group. FIXATOR again became the subsidiary of LAHO Equipement when this group left P.P.R.

Since 1980, FIXATOR has been set up in the industrial estate of Saint Barthélemy (49). In 1999, FIXATOR was sold to private interests, represented by the current President of the company, Mr. Bruno PATRO. The recent history of FIXATOR

International expansion and new markets

International expansion and new markets:
From the year 2000, FIXATOR has embarked on an internationally oriented sales and marketing and innovation policy that has allowed it to file several patents over 15 years.

In 2005, FIXATOR registered the patent for the FIXEO system: suspended platform on masts, to meet the customers’ expectations regarding accessibility requirements on buildings and to meet the users’ expectation in terms of stability and an enhanced sense of safety. In the same year, the FIXATOR ASIA subsidiary was created. It was based at Shanghai with a task to conquer Asian markets. Ever since, FIXATOR ASIA has provided hoists and suspended platforms at internationally renowned construction sites such as the Shanghai World Trade Center, the Three Gorges Dam and the Shanghai Center.

In 2007, FIXATOR filed a new patent concerning a levelling system for suspended platforms. This was the first time that FIXATOR integrated electronics into its products. The invention of this system was motivated by both the ecological sensibility of FIXATOR as well as by its preparation for future international standards. The purpose of this system was to do away with mercury bulbs from electrical cabinets. Ever since, all electrical control cabinets sold in Europe are equipped with this system.

In 2011, FIXATOR continued the integration of electronics into its range of hoists and filed the patent for the electronic overload NEO System. By integrating mecatronics into its products, FIXATOR offers its customers more functional features.

All product developments in recent years have led FIXATOR to canvass new markets such as the wind turbine industry, lift manufacturers and to market its products worldwide.

FIXATOR has 90 years of history and relies on its R&D and its sales and marketing department to chart out its future!

Bruno PATRON receives the insignia of the Chevalier de la Légion d'Honneur

Bruno PATRON, the President of FIXATOR, received the insignia of the Chevalier de la Légion d'Honneur. This distinction, proposed by Nicole Bricq (Minister of Foreign Trade), was given to him by B.Decker, Honorary Chairman of French Foreign Trade Advisors (CCEF). Bruno Patron chairs the Regional Committee of French Foreign Trade Advisors. He also hosts the International committee of the CCI of Maine and Loire, of which he is an elected member.

Have your hoists serviced by FIXATOR!

FIXATOR has developed its repair and maintenance department for hoists, safety blocks and electrical cabinets. Take advantage of the expertise of our technicians for the mandatory maintenance of your equipment. Right from receipt of your hoists, our technicians perform a diagnosis of your equipment. The wear parts are replaced and your hoists are then inspected on a test bench. A controller checks that the hoist meets the safety requirements and that it lifts the load correctly, before the equipment is returned to you

FIXATOR exposes Interlift exhibition

FIXATOR exposes Interlift exhibition. The opportunity to present its new range of winches specially designed for the development and modernization of elevator shafts.

Shanghai Center Tower construction: 100th floor reached!

The tower's core has reached the 100th floor, approximately 490 metres (1,610 ft) in height. Upon its completion in 2014, the building will stand approximately 632 metres (2,073 ft) high with 121 floors. The Shanghai Center tower will be the tallest building in China, and the second-tallest in the world, surpassed only by the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.
32 FIXATOR platforms form a continuous belt used to build the double layer glass facade.

FIXATOR joins the 2nd Mécène & Loire foundation

As founder member among 23 other companies, FIXATOR participates to Mécène et Loire adventure since the creation of the foundation in 2007.

The foundation Mécène et Loire invented a new type of sponsorship contributing actively to the promotion and the realization of cultural projects on our local territory.

For 5 years, the foundation Mécène & Loire contributed to 108 cultural, sporting, solidarity or environmental projects, all participating in the standing of Anjou.
Some very beautiful projects were supported and the success was complete for the foundation as for the prize-winners.

Motivated by this first good experience, FIXATOR confirms its commitment by joining Mécène & Loire foundation n°2 2013-2018, among 29 member companies.

This second foundation is open to all types of projects, the only condition being to contribute to strengthen the attractiveness of Maine-et -Loire.
The call for projects is now on-line on www.mecene-et-loire.fr and will be closed on April 12th.

FIXATOR will be at EWEA Vienna

FIXATOR will expose their know-how on EWEA exhibition, major international meeting of wind energy market for over 25 years.
The 2013 edition will be held in Vienna on 4th-7th February.
FIXATOR team will introduce their solutions for height access in wind turbines.

Shanghai Center Tower: the construction continues

Our customer, Shenyang Yuanda Aluminium Industry Engineering CO, Ltd, chose FIXATOR electric hoists and suspended platforms because we offered a solution perfectly adapted to the technical constraints of this gigantic construction project.
Today, around 12 floors have been glassed and the construction of the center core reaches the 80th floor.


> Suspended platform for the maintenance of wind turbines

NEW: Aluminium C-Stirrup

FIXATOR launches its new Aluminium C-stirrup. This stirrup for temporary suspended platforms is light (41kg), and very easy to set-up.

In fact, only one 19mm spanner is required for its installation! Regarding electrical connection, everything is simplified. The Aluminium C-stirrup has an integrated connector to connect the "top end of stroke".

The Aluminium C-stirrup is compatible with the e.lift 500, e.lift 800 and Euroliftho hoists.

Advantage: The Aluminium C-stirrup has a foldable leg that enables easy transportation and storage

> Aluminium C-stirrup


We will be pleased to introduce our FIXATOR range of lifting access equipment at the BATIMAT Trade show in Paris from Nov. 07 to 12.
Hoping to welcome you soon on our stand N°48, HALL 4, Allée E

Height training for wind turbine: testimony

Testimony of Olivier COUTABLE, FIXATOR wind turbine project manager:

Our engineer, specialist in access solutions on wind turbines, has undergone training for work at a height and height safety, he recounts his experience: "This training has provided us with the required skills in terms of height work safety for implementing our Fixator know-how in the wind turbine sector.

The development perspectives of our activity are reinforced.

Practising climbing, I appreciated the fact of carrying out rescue operations, which require significant concentration and mutual confidence, while being suspended! The acrobatics part may seem impressive, but it is an integral part of our work."

Height work and safety training for the wind turbine industry

The first 4 employees of FIXATOR have received their certificate of competence for the training they have undergone at GRETA in Le Mans (72). This training is part of the FIXATOR approach and enables to establish itself as a major player in wind turbine access solutions.

The training that lasted 35 hours has enabled the employees of FIXATOR to:
• Understand the safety rules applicable during work at a height and identify the personal fall-prevention protection equipment.
• Know how to identify and assess the risks of falling from a height at various work stations and select suitable means
• Acquire the practices of verifications and maintenance of equipment
• Acquire various techniques of evacuation and rescue of a victim while working at a height, particularly on a wind turbine type ladder

Tank maintenance: Temporary suspended platform

To carry out the maintenance of tanks, a company specialized in welding work has selected FIXATOR suspended platforms.

Combined with the suspension systems, specially created for tanks and storage drums, the temporary suspended platforms enable to quickly and easily access the entire tank area.

> Pneumatic hoist p.lift ® 500

Suspended platforms at the TECHNOPARK in Casablanca

The FIXATOR temporary suspended platforms were selected for the maintenance of the Technopark at Casablanca (Morocco):
- For cleaning windows
- For displaying or removing advertising posters.

The training of our distribution and maintenance network

To ensure the quality of service to all users of FIXATOR products worldwide, we provide comprehensive training to our distributors:

> Theoretical training with an engineer: Safety devices for hoists, regulations about the installation of suspended scaffolds, presentation of the EN 1808 standard and the Machine Directive, counter-load calculation formulae, etc.

> Practical training with our technicians in the workshop: Practice in assembling and disassembling hoists, mandatory checks, inspection on test bench.

Work at a height: Access to tanks

Inspection, repair and painting work on petroleum products storage tanks requires suitable equipment.

Access to the inner or outer wall of tanks requires special attachments, suspended scaffolds equipped with pneumatic hoists, components passing through the access doors, etc.

FIXATOR has developed a complete know-how and products to meet the industrial requirements.

> Pneumatic hoist p.lift ® 500

Temporary suspended platforms ideal for exterior insulation of buildings

To meet the various renovation and exterior insulation programmes of blocs of flats, building companies very often use suspended platforms with suspension beams or the FIXEO suspended platform on masts.

The modularity of the temporary motorised suspended platforms enables to adapt the length of the suspended scaffold to the requirements of the work site. The electrical commands enable to perfectly adapt the working height and provide an optimum working position.

> MODULECO suspended platforms

e.lift® 350T and 500T electric hoists on frame with winder

For lifting of personnel in areas difficult to access, Fixator offers in its range the 350T and 500T hoists on frame with winder.

Fixed on the top part, the hoist and the lifting point (guide pulley with hook) remain accessible, which provides better manoeuvrability and increased safety.
Installed in addition to a seat or cradle, this hoist with winder can be remote controlled.

Advantages: Saves place and easy to use; increased safety thanks to the fixable frame.

Console and parapet clamp 800 kg: FIXATOR extends its attachment range

Designed to attach a suspended platform, cradle or seat from reinforced concrete parapets, the new FIXATOR parapet clamp adapts to all manual and electric hoists with a lifting capacity of less than or equal to 800 kg.

It has four hooking points (at 0.70m - 0.80m - 0.90m - 1m from the wall), with a possible overhang of up to 1 metre.
Quick to install, the parapet clamps adapt very easily to attachment supports (parapets, railings, etc.) having a thickness of 0.15 to 0.50 metres.

To conform to the different structures of the buildings, FIXATOR can also design customized parapet clamps.

Electrical cabinet without mercury : GYROSTOP

FIXATOR ®, French manufacturer of hoists and suspended platforms since more than 70 years, reinforces its position as a major innovator in the field of suspended scaffolds. Since the invention of the first personnel lifting hoist in 1934 up to 2005 with the creation of the FIXEO ® exclusive system (suspended platform on mast), FIXATOR has always broken new ground to meet the requirements of building companies and the industry.

Henceforth, to further ensure the safety of persons working in the building industry and meet the need to protect our environment, FIXATOR ® has integrated an electronic module into all its electrical cabinets for suspended scaffold hoists.

Electronics replaces mercury.

The electrical cabinets manufactured before 1st November 2009 contained mercury bulbs to ensure anti-sway and stop the hoists in case of tilting of the suspended platforms. A computer programmed electronic board not only ensures this function, but also improves the functional features of electrical cabinets of hoists.

It is not necessary to purchase a new cabinet to enjoy the advantages of the electronics: FIXATOR ® has designed the electronic module in such a way that it can replace the old mercury bulb system. For a reasonable cost, FIXATOR ® enables every company to improve its safety and its environmental impact.
Replacement of the module is carried out in the FIXATOR ® workshop and the mercury bulbs are sent to a specialised recycling company.

> Electrical cabinet without mercury: GYROSTOP ® electronic tilt sensor

FIXATOR develops its range of electric hoists for lift manufacturers

The LIFTHO ® 500 and LIFTHO ® 1000 electric hoists for lift manufacturers are personnel lifting hoists, designed for the installation and maintenance of elevator shafts.
The LIFTHO ® 500 and LIFTHO ® 1000 hoists for lift manufacturers are also widely used by independent elevator installation and maintenance companies. To meet the growing needs of independent lift manufacturers, FIXATOR continuously develops its hoists and integrates numerous options to the LIFTHO ® 500 and LIFTHO ® 1000 hoists.

> Electric hoist for lift manufacturers LIFTHO ® 1000

The FIXEO ® suspended platform on mast: LAHO work site

At this refacing work site, the FIXEO ® suspended platform on mast has been selected for several reasons.

Firstly, the suspended platform on mast easily adapts to the façade and requires shorter installation time with respect to the fixed scaffolds. And unlike the fixed scaffold, the FIXEO ® suspended platform on mast does not conceal balconies and windows and does not cause any inconvenience to residents of the building.

Then, the FIXEO ® suspended platform on mast can be used on building façades with traditional sloping roof.

Finally, the FIXEO ® suspended platform on mast provides working comfort (electrically adjustable working height) and safety (perfect stability of the assembly).

photos with the kind permission of LAHO.

> FIXEO ®: suspended platform on mast (façade attachment)

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